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Principal’s welcome

Welcome to the Marian State School.  We are pleased to have you join us and help in making our great school even better.

Marian School has a proud record of working with parents to meet the educational needs of our students.  Our curriculum goal is “Developing lifelong learning skills in a supportive environment, enabling all to reach their future potential”. Therefore our curriculum focuses on the essential learning required of all children. Achieving good educational outcomes for your children is very dependent on a successful partnership between your home and our school.  Your child’s progress is heavily influenced by the interest you show in their education, the support you provide and how you choose to participate in school affairs.  To this end I encourage you to maintain regular contact with our teaching staff and to become actively involved in our school activities.

We believe that children come to our school to learn, to be safe and to be happy.  All we do aims to satisfy this expectation.  Learning is our core business.   We aim to assist individual students to continuously develop their knowledge, skills and abilities within a supportive and caring school environment.

Marian State School recognises that everyone within our community has rights and responsibilities.  Every individual’s actions should ensure that another’s rights are acknowledged by their own responsible behaviour. Children are expected to give their best effort, obey school rules, be neatly groomed & dressed, show respect for authority and be considerate & tolerant of others. Positive behaviours such as good manners, courtesy and diligence are encouraged and recognised.

This booklet endeavours to bring the school into closer contact with your home by assisting you in becoming familiar with Marian school’s organisation and philosophy.  Our aim is to provide a school environment that promotes learning through active involvement in a wide range of curriculum activities. 

Marian's school motto is “Success Crowns Effort".  We trust staff, students and parents will always demonstrate this positive virtue and display a loyalty to each other, our school and our school community.

We welcome you to share in the education of your children and I trust that your association with our school will be a satisfying and rewarding one.

Len Fehlhaber