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Our Staff

Principal (Acting) 

Mr Len Fehlhaber 

Deputy Principal  

Mrs Casey Harej


Mrs Fiona Fleming

Head of Curriculum              Lead Teacher

Mrs Renita Moore (0.5)         Ms Mel Benjamin

Support teachers

Support Teacher, Literacy and Numeracy

Mrs Janet Delaney (0.4)

Mrs Julie De Boni (0.4)

Resource Centre ​ Ms Annette Gerdes
Guidance Officer​ Ms Alexia Wotherspoon
Physical Education​ Mr Bruce Schmidt​
Music​ Ms Karen Brett​
Instrumental Music​ ​Ms Mel Haworth 
​LOTE (Japanese) Mrs Andrea Collins​

Class teachers



Mrs Jannelle Brown  (PA)

Mrs Morena Botefuhr (PB)

Mrs Vicki Seierup (PC)

Ms Laetitia Brooker (PD)

Year 1

Mrs Kerry Horton (1A)

Miss Kerri-Anne Howland  (1B)

Mrs Connie Evers (1C) 

Mrs Carol Crozier (1D)

​Year 2

​Ms Deb Pruden (2A)

Mrs Stacey Germanotta  (2B)

Mrs Anne Cage (2C)

Year 3


Ms Kim Emms (0.8), Mrs Julie De Boni (0.2) (3A)

Mrs Toni Durnsford (3B)

Mrs Janet Surman (3C)

Year 3/4

Mr Kristoffer Van Beek (3/4V)

Year 4​
Ms Kylie Hutton (4A)
Mrs Kylie Tudehope (4B)
Mrs Lauren Fraser (4C)
Year 5​
Mrs Hayley Boswell (5A)
Mrs Yvonne Lee (5B)
Mrs Renee Wilkie (0.5), Ms Tracey Carling (0.5) (5C)
Year 6
Mrs Jesika Clark (6A)
Mrs Catherine van Moolenbroek (6B)

Mrs Sue Wales (6C)

​​Special Education

Mrs Linda Groark, Mrs Cathy Loo,

Mrs Inge Norgaard-Caslin


Support Staff

Business Services Manager

Mrs Barbara Saron​

Administration Officer​

(Main Office)

Ms Julia Nixon, Ms Tina Hankinson, Ms Caroline Stratford 

(SEU) Mrs Andrina Kidcaff ​

Janitor/ Groundsperson​

Mr Kevin O'Reily​

ICT Support​

​Mr Adam Christensen

Teacher Aides

Mrs Margaret Drury, Mrs Andrina Kidcaff, Mrs Margaret Rowlands, Mrs Jo-anne Joyce, Mrs Alyson Bruce, Mrs Rebecca Burgess, Mrs Tania Jeffs,  Ms Natalie Blain, Mrs Cordell Steer, Mrs Rena Barlow

​Chaplain​ Liz Penner (Chappy Liz)